5 Of The Best Gender Non-Conforming Halloween Costumes

A good Halloween costume requires a little forethought, so to get your creative juices going, we've put together this list of gender non-conforming halloween costumes.

The demagorgon gender non-conforming halloween costume

Choosing a Halloween costume can be difficult, and if you’re not prepared in advance and – from my experience – it usually involves a very stressful few hours before heading out in which you’re trying desperately to come up with an outfit based on the items you have in your house.

So don’t get caught unprepared! Here’s some ideas to get you inspired.


1. Snapchat

Snapchat ghost which is one of the non-binary halloween costumes


This one is an obvious choice for smartphone junkies. If your phone is superglued to your hand, and you spend more time trying to pick the perfect Snapchat filter than you do in reality, then this is the costume for you.

What makes it great is it’s simplicity. All you need is a white sheet, a scissors, some black and red markers and you’re good to go.

Check out this video to see how to make the snapchat ghost, although it really is as simple as it sounds!



2. The Demagorgon

The demagorgon from Stranger Things which is a great non-binary halloween costume


Although this is one of the most difficult Halloween costumes to recreate, if you manage to pull it off I guarantee that this is the costume people will remember.

Pulling it off will be a difficult one, taking a good bit of DIY prep time.

Thankfully there’s already a tutorial online that shows you how to make the terrifying head. Check it out below.


3. A Repeal Jumper

Giant repeal jumper is a great idea for non-binary halloween costumes

With Oliver Callan dissing the Repeal supporters as mindless “media nitwits” (yeah, he did actually say that), Repeal the 8th has never been more topical.

And the Repeal Project’s iconic Repeal jumper is one of the most widely recognised symbols of the movement, along with Maser’s Repeal the 8th heart.

To create a giant repeal jumper, you’ll need an XXXL plain black jumper, some white material to cut out the letters and some wire hangers (gasp!) to shape the sleeves and head hole so that they stick out a bit. Oh and a scissors to cut out holes for your eyes in the front of the jumper.


4. Drag King / Drag Queen

Drag queen and drag king all in one person, one of the gender non-conforming Halloween costumes

Regardless of which gender (if any) you identify with, choosing an alternative gender persona as a Halloween costume can be discombobulating, to quote a certain Irish drag queen!

If you’re looking to become a Drag Queen, check out Trixie Mattel’s exaggerated makeup tutorial below for tips on how to recreate her “painted for the bar down the street” look.



Of course, choosing a wig, clothes and shoes (high heels) for your Drag Queen look are essential, so be sure to pick up the various pieces in advance.

And as Alaska says, “If you’re not wearing nails, you’re not doing drag!”

To become a Drag King, check out this makeup tutorial below, and be sure to pick up a binder to create the illusion of a flat chest, some flat shoes or runners, jeans and a shirt.


https://www.youtube.com/embed/Bw8M-wfHC9A?feature=oembedA male pocahontas, female hades, and male maleficent showing gender non-conforming halloween costumes (Pinterest)[/caption]

Remember those Disney characters you’ve grown up with? The sweet mermaid Ariel, the menacing god Hades, the strong Native American Pocahontas?

Now imagine them as the opposite gender!

Trying to recreate the traditional costumes but adding nuances of the opposite gender is where this gets difficult.

So to help you visualise how to change Belle’s dress into Beau’s clothes and for even more inspiration, check out this artist’s interpretation of reimagined Disney characters.


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