Rainbow Family

June 2024

Welcome, dear reader, to the Pride edition of GCN!

Our biggest issue of the year is brimming with diverse talent, old and new, who share compelling stories, highlight pressing issues and showcase stunning photography.

This is also the first issue published under new leadership at GCN, with Stefano Pappalardo taking the reins as Manager, and Alice Linehan assuming the role of Editor. It is an exciting time for the organisation as it takes the next step in its 36-year journey.

Our colourful cover was photographed by Hazel Coonagh and aims to capture a tiny glimpse of our wonderful rainbow family. Friends of GCN and representatives from various LGBTQ+ groups showed their pride on the steps of the Department of Justice in Dublin. They stood where a small group of activists gathered 50 years ago on June 27, 1974, to make history by commencing Ireland’s first-ever Pride demonstration.

The Irish Gay Rights Movement (IGRM) similarly celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, while Cork’s Gay Project marks its 40th. Without the bravery of those trailblazing activists, we would not be where we are today. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

While there is much to celebrate, we must not ignore the work that is left to do, whether it be tackling the far-right, advocating for better trans healthcare or improving accessibility within the queer community. As a member of Belong To’s Pride Youth Committee puts it in one article, “While the base of Pride is obviously the LGBTQ+ community, we’re a human rights march.”

This point is more important than ever, as we witness the ongoing devastation happening in Palestine. As Queers for Palestine (Ireland) states in the parting shot, Palestinian liberation concerns us all.

While Ireland has taken the step to recognise the State of Palestine, this must be accompanied by actions that will have a tangible effect, including sanctions on Israel and the introduction of the Occupied Territories Bill. There is No Pride in Genocide, and we echo the global calls for an immediate ceasefire.

With that, we invite you to dive into this bumper issue of GCN, and we thank you, as always, for reading. To all members of our beloved LGBTQ+ community and Rainbow Family, we wish you a safe, empowered and happy Pride. Stay loud, stay proud.

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