ISPCC Officially Backs Yes Campaign


The ISPCC has officially declared itself to be in support of a Yes vote in the upcoming Marriage Referendum in May.


The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC) has joined a coalition of organisations under the leadership of BeLonGTo to support a Yes Vote.

The ISPCC, which provides a range of services to children and their parents is collaborating with Barnardos, Foróige, Youth Work Ireland, the Migrant Rights Centre, the Children’s Rights Alliance, Pavee Point and EPIC.

“The ISPCC exists to ensure that children are afforded equal rights as citizens, to bring about a society in which all children are loved, valued and able to fulfil their potential and to assert the rights of children as equal citizens.

“The ISPCC is strongly of the view that marriage equality is a children’s issue and is in the best interests of children. Last year we saw Childline receive over 29,000 calls in relation to issues of sexuality,” ISPCC CEO Grainia Long said.

“Our practice shows that that children who are LGBT often feel excluded, isolated and under-valued; some are affected by bullying because of their sexuality. The Referendum gives us an opportunity to send a clear message to all children that they are valued and that treating them differently because of their sexuality, or the sexuality of someone in their household, is unacceptable.

“The ISPCC is pleased to be part of BeLonGTo YES and work with other national organisations to support a Yes Vote.”

The ISPCC also announced their support of the Children and Family Relationships Bill which was passed last month, saying that it places the best interests of the child at its heart.

Long added, “It will, quite literally, change how the law recognises the reality of family life in Ireland. It has the potential to provide clarity, and equality for all children under the law, regardless of their familial circumstances.”

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