Joe Caslin's Newest Mural Will Leave You Breathless

A bearded man in Joe Caslin's newest mural

Joe Caslin’s giant mural in Waterford is stunning, evocative and hopes to highlight mental health issues


Joe Caslin, the artist behind the gorgeous marriage equality murals in Dublin, Belfast and Galway has taken to Waterford to create another giant mural depicting a solemn, bearded man with  his eyes down.

In the mural entitled ‘Ar scathe a chill a mhaireann na daoine,’ (‘We live protected under each other’s shadow’) the central man’s arms are outstretched to either side with two other hands grasping his forearm while he grasps theirs’.

Another pair of hands are also reaching around the central figure, securely holding and supporting him. Check out the full resolution mural below.


Joe Caslin's new mural on the back of a hotel in waterford showing a bearded man holding arms around him and supported by another pair of arms from behind
Joe Caslin’s Waterford Mural. (Credit: Peter Grogan/Emagine.)


Mental Health

A spokesperson for Joe Caslin said ‘The giant seven storey creation, presented in collaboration with the A Lust For Life organisation, aims to provoke awareness and discussion around mental health issues.”

“It also marks the opening of the new Pieta House centre in the city.”

“It marks the final offering of this year’s acclaimed Waterford Walls festival.”

Waterford Walls will be donating 10% of the proceeds of September’s sales from their online shop to Pieta house.


Pieta House

Pieta House CEO Brian Higgins said: “We need to challenge the stigma that leads people to Pieta House.

“The only way we can ever close the doors of this house, which is our ultimate ambition, is by each and every one of us addressing the stigmas that impact on us and, in turn, being aware of the punches that we can land on other people that make them fall and being conscious not to do that.”

“Art helps to spark the discussion that breaks down this stigma and through our collaboration with Waterford Walls, A Lust for Life and Joe Caslin, we hope to make a difference in people’s lives,” Higgins said.

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Joe Caslin, speaking about his latest artwork said “I have found that Waterford, like so many other places around the country, has been massively impacted by high unemployment, and this has left many young people are suffering and feeling disillusioned about their prospects and the future.”

“I want people to look up at this drawing and find hope,” Caslin said.

“The drawing is installed to confront stigma, to question how we find our moral compass, to challenge us to build resilience but, above all, it is a symbol of support.”

“With the recent opening of Pieta House in the city, I felt it was an ideal time to create this drawing in Waterford and with the support of many partners and my incredible team.”

A low angle shot of Joe Caslin's Waterford Mural


Irish pop-star, co-founder and Director of A Lust For Life Bressie (Niall Breslin) said that Joe Caslin is an ideal collaborator for his A Lust For Life movement.

“Joe’s ability, through his immense talent as an artist to capture the essence and mood of a social energy is a true illustration of how symbolism, art and imagery can impact and facilitate a cultural shift and become a strong foundation for a new conversation,” Bressie said.

“To date he has successfully managed to create pieces of art that have galvanised social movements with the purist, simplistic human beauty of his art.”

“He cuts through outdated societal stigma through his brave and innovative creativity.”

Concluding, Bressie said: “We are humbled to be a part of this powerful project.”


People affected by mental health issues are encouraged to seek help by speaking to a friend, family member, GP, therapist or free confidential helpline such as the Pieta House 27/7 helpline at 1800 247 247. Samaritans’ helpline is 116 123

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