Kevin Hart Issues New Apology For Offending LGBT+ Community

This latest apology from comdian Kevin Hart has been seen as 'sarcastic' by many as he refers to himself in the third person.

Kevin Hart Issues New 'Apology' For Offending LGBT+ Community

Comedian Kevin Hart has issued a new ‘apology’ for offending LGBT+ people over homophobic tweets that resurfaced resulting in him stepping down as host of this year’s Oscars.

Many have commented that the apology comes across as sarcastic, as he refers to himself in the third person. Speaking on the Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Radio show, he said: “I will say this, and I want to make this very clear.

“[…] Once again, Kevin Hart apologizes for his remarks that hurt members of the LGBTQ community. I apologize.”

He furthermore added that the words of his previous apologies had been “chopped up”.

He later added a “but…”, saying: “If the fight from the LGBTQ community is equality…I’m riding with you guys. I understand it. But in the fight for equality, that means that there has to be an acceptance for change. If you don’t want to accept people for their change, then…where does the equality part come in?”

Hart stepped down from hosting the upcoming Oscars ceremony when his previous statements in his comedy show’s were highlighted, such as, “if I can prevent my son from being gay, I will”.

In 2010 on Twitter he wrote: “U ever see a woman so horrible built that it makes u feel gay looking at her body? Lmao yess ol grace jones looking ass woman.”

This latest apology comes after he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show. DeGeneres faced backlash from the LGBT+ community after she tried to convince him to host the ceremony despite the controversy.

This backlash included a powerful monologue from CNN host Don Lemon who said: “I don’t see any meaningful outreach to the LGBT community,” Lemon said of Hart. “Apologizing and moving on does not make the world a better place for people who are gay or who are transgender. Being an ally does.”

“I called the Academy today because I really want you to host the Oscars,” DeGeneres said on the episode, which aired last Friday.

“’We want him to host, whatever we can do, we’d be thrilled,’” DeGeneres said the Academy told her. “The Academy is saying, ‘What can we do to make this happen.’”

Hart responded saying that he does not have a “homophobic bone” in his body and saying that he is “evaluating” his decision.

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