TERF Barred From Pub Over T-Shirt That Defines Women As 'Adult Human Females'

A Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist was asked to leave a pub after wearing a t-shirt defining women as 'adult human females' and repeatedly challenging bar staff on their views about gender.

Pub and TERF that was barred from pub for wearing a t-shirt that was transphobic

On Sunday, The Sun reported that a mother, who is part of a TERF organisation, had been barred from a pub for wearing a certain t-shirt “in case it upset transgender people.”

Rebekah Wershbale is part of the feminist group Fair Play For Women, which opposed a government proposal to allow people to self-identify as the gender they believe they are without any medical diagnosis.

The 34-year-old told the Daily Mail that a staff member at the Five Clouds Tap and Bottle in Macclesfield told her that she had to leave because she was wearing a black t-shirt that defined a woman as an “adult human female”.

Wershbale claimed to be stunned at the bar woman’s request for her to leave but has apparently had repeated confrontations with the staff and customers of the pub over their views on gender.

“What she meant was that I was somehow offending men who say they are women because my t-shirt did not include them in the definition of a woman. There aren’t even any transgender staff or patrons at the pub. It’s crackers,” she said.

Mr Johnson, the man who made the complaint to staff about the t-shirt, wrote on Twitter, “When you’re trying to relax in your fave pub and there is a TERF [trans exclusionary radical feminist] wearing an anti-trans t-shirt… it’s disgusting and I’m so upset by it.”

The owner of the Five Clouds Tap and Bottle Brewery, Tom Lewis, confirmed Ms Wershbale was asked to leave the premises after this particular complaint, but she had also been involved in a number of previous incidents that had upset staff and customers.

Wershbale said this was a false claim and an attempt to smear her. But she then admitted that while at Five Clouds Tap and Bottle Brewery, she had promoted a TERF campaign for Fair Play For Women.

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