WATCH: Lesbian Queer Eye Needs Your Help To Become Reality

The Fish Five need your help to bring a touch of queerness to the lives of straight girls everywhere.

The logo for Butch Pal for the Straight Gal

The female Queer Eye that should have existed 10 years ago.

Ever wondered what the Netflix sensation Queer Eye would be like with a queer all-female cast? Well, actor and comedian Ally Johnson has. She’s taking steps to crowdfund for a pilot of her own version of the lesbian queer eye, Butch Pal for the Straight Gal.

The Emmy nominated Queer Eye sees a group of five fabulous gay men (the aptly named Fab Five) travel around America giving life-changing makeovers. It’s just the right blend of hilarious and heartwarming, but for us lady-lovers out there it feels like it’s missing one thing…ladies! Aside from one episode featuring the makeover of a church-going Mother, it’s fairly guy-centric.

Ally Johnson is aiming to raise $15,000 to produce the female-centric version of the show we deserve. Check out the promo below:

In her campaign description, Johnson asks for support to “help us raise funds for the first episode of Butch Pal For The Straight Gal so we can show the world that ALL gays can change the lives of wayward straights.”

The concept for Butch Pal isn’t too far from the Queer Eye we know and love: “Five experienced lesbians who call themselves the Fish 5 will give wayward straight women lez-tastic makeovers (or make-unders), which may or may not include fedoras and Birkenstocks.”

In an interview, Johnson explained: “There are a lot of straight women who already spend a lot of money on clothes, makeup, haircut, things like that. Our job is to tone that all down a little bit. We want them to feel like an individual rather than fitting into a certain stereotype to feel love and feel pretty.”

One of the rewards for donators is an advice column from the Fish Five themselves!

“Butch Pal For Straight Gal presents a fun representation of the lesbian lifestyle and shows how people’s lives can be made better with a little lesbian fairy dust sprinkled into it. We aim to inspire body positivity, female inner beauty and prove that a little flannel goes a long way.”

Johnson has also said that the show won’t just feature “butch women” or women who identify as “female lesbians” in an effort not to perpetuate binaries that we often see in relation to queer women on-screen.

Their crowd-funding has already raised $9,185 of the total $15,000 needed for production and offers funders fun prizes like their very own lez-tastic makeover or a lesbian viewing party. You can donate towards the Fish Five’s cause here.

We can’t wait to see if this version of lesbian queer eye makes it to our screens!

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