A Quickie With Author & 'Indigo Child' Lee David Carter

Author of 'Living With Lisa', Lee Carter Davis tells the story of gender dysphoria when "during transitioning, I received messages from angels seeing the proverbial light and experienced a fast spiritual awakening consciously".

Indigo Child Lee David Carter

Lee, formally Lisa, didn’t have the best start in life. Immediately plunged into a broken home, Lisa drifted into a life of despair, drugs, abuse, crime, and imprisonment. Terrified of sharing the truth about his identity with the world, forming meaningful relationships was near impossible. Lee had always known, since the age of five, that he was in the wrong body.

“My greatest ambition is to speak internationally as a role model within the LGBTQ community as well as spiritually, to show awareness, bring harmony into the world, about important events, that affect peoples lives. To bring positive change to a world platform from my experiences in helping others.”

“I’ve been told by people in the spiritual networks that I’m from a much higher dimension.”

To add a bit of a twist to this already incredible story, Lee is known as an ‘Indigo Child’ and has also had numerous encounters with extraterrestrials.

Indigo Children are an upgraded blueprint of humanity. Gifted souls, on a clear mission, to challenge and shift reality. Beyond psychic awareness, they are highly driven and creative with a perception that sees through the established norms of society.

indigo child Lee David Carter
Illustration of an ‘Indigo Child’

Carter is hopeful that his story can help to spread a message “that we are more than just a vessel and are here as spiritual beings having an experience, activating the chakras which are energy centres, triggering a higher level of consciousness, been sent here to heal the earth.”

Lee is a is a fan of motivational speaker Doreen Virtue, saying that he appreciates “her understanding of spirit, angels, and being of service to others spread love and light in the world in helping others.”

Lee is hoping to share his story in a documentary that is in the works with Ghost TV.

Lee lives by the philosophy of integrity, saying the best life advice he ever received was:

“Be true to yourself, forgive yourself and others around you, do what you love, follow your dreams, stay positive thoughts systems here all things, stay in joy peace and love happiness, enjoy the present forget the past, be grateful in life, show respect and compassion all people and things environmental, to be harmonious, most of all be kind generous, help others.”

Living with Lisa is available to buy now on Amazon

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