Listener Accuses Eoghan McDermott Of Pushing 'The Gay Agenda' On RTE 2FM

A listener to Eoghan McDermott's radio show on 2FM texted to ask where are the heterosexuals gone after a segment in which Eoghan talks about Hannah Gadsby's new comedy show 'Nanette'.

Eoghan McDermott

Eoghan McDermott’s Drivetime radio show has been accused of being unequal towards heterosexuals and promoting the gay agenda.

A listener texted in to comment that the presenter was colluding to have “only” homosexual people featured on his show.

McDermott took to social media to share the message along with the reaction from his production team, two of whom identify as gay.

The listener’s text said:

“Do you have a problem with heterosexual people as I note that you only ever have homosexual people on your show? Definite inequality.”

In his response to the listener’s comment, Eoghan included a screenshot of the production’s WhatsApp group, showing that one of the producers has changed the group’s name to “THE GAY AGENDA”.

Eoghan said:

“Today a listener accused the radio show of featuring gay people too prominently because we talked about Nanette on Netflix AND two of the show team are gay.

“We have changed our group WhatsApp group to reflect the grand gay conspiracy they have uncovered.”

On the show in question, Eoghan had Hot Press and Irish Times columnist Roe McDermott on to talk about the ground-breaking ‘comedy’ show on Netflix called Nanette in which Hannah Gadsby speaks about the issues of making minorities the punchline in comedy.

Wicked Dublin MPU

This latest incident comes a week after Eoghan had to defend a segment in which he interviewed James Kavanagh, who is the face of the “Just Carry One” campaign in partnership with HIV Ireland and Dublin Bus. The interview received a complaint from a listener but Eoghan said that it was “public service broadcasting.”

Just Carry One is a national social media campaign that promotes the consistent use of condoms to help protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. Young people between the ages of 17 and 25 are a key audience for this campaign – it is believed that in 2017, young people aged 15-24 accounted for 50% of chlamydia diagnoses, 39% of gonorrhoea cases, and 38% of genital herpes cases.”

Listen to Eoghan McDermott’s interview with James Kavanagh here:

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