'Looking - The Movie' Trailer Out Now


HBO’s Looking – The Movie trailer is out now, and for fans of the show it does not disappoint


The trailer for HBO’s Looking – The Movie is available to watch now, ahead of the movie’s release in July next month. Looking – The Movie is the much awaited concluding chapter in the Looking TV series which ran for two seasons before being cancelled.

Patrick has returned to San Francisco, where he lived for ten years, to attend a wedding. But whose wedding is uncertain.

“I went away to Colorado,” begins Patrick in the trailer, “and everything was out of sight and out of mind. And then now I’m back and there it all is.”

“There what is?” Dom asks.

“Everything I thought I dealt with.”

Patrick in Looking - The Movie trailer looking nostalgically at someone in a club

In the trailer we see glimpses of both Patrick’s love interests, Richie (played by Raùl Castillo) and Kevin (played by Russell Tovey), so the end to Patrick’s love story is not obvious.

“Sometimes the end… is a new beginning,” the titles read before the trailer finishes.

The usual mix of nightclubs, meaningful glances and heartfelt conversation is woven into the trailer which you can watch below.



In the trailer a possible romantic relationship between Patrick and his long time friend is hinted at, indicating that perhaps #TeamRichie and #TeamKevin will have to make room for a third love interest: #TeamDom.

Russell Tovey, had this to say following the announcement of the TV series’  cancellation:

Thankfully the show’s writer Andrew Haigh did end up directing the movie, after fans created a petition to get closure for the characters who had a lot of loose ends in their respective story arcs.

Funny or Die had previously created a Not Looking parody which captures a small fraction of the show’s charm, and manages to be more funny than die, at least for Looking fans.

Looking – The Movie is out on July 23rd on HBO at 1opm PST, and is available to watch on HBO Now, HBO’s online subscription service.

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