UKIP is Hated More Than Marmite, Shows Poll


In a pointless, yet entertaining, poll, British advertising company Isobel has found that the only thing Britons hate more than Marmite is UKIP and the Conservative Party.


Conducting a poll – which surveyed 1500 British people – Isobel found out the top 10 loves and hates of the British public.

Marmite came third in the poll, with the Conservatives in second and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) topping the most hated brand in Britain. Personally, there is nothing more offputting than thinking of Nigel Farage slathered in Marmite – just think about it now and you’ll understand.

Joining Farage and the bigots up top, is David Cameron and the slightly lesser bigots in second place. Ireland’s very own Ryanair comes in fourth place, probably couldn’t get any higher because of excess baggage. With the UK’s Labour party coming fifth and Liberal Democrats sixth – basically all of the political parties.

Rounding off the list are US exports McDonalds, Starbucks and KFC (hello, childhood obesity) and Facebook; however, those polled have probably yet to notice the ‘unfollow’ option which is a thing of beauty.


Amazon, the saviour of hermit shoppers everywhere, topped the best loved poll, with Cadburys, Walkers and Heinz following. Cadburys could have topped it if they hadn’t changed the Creme Egg formula which garnered a lot of attention earlier this year.

BBC – even amid the *cough* controversy of previous hosts and personalities – managed to attain a respectable fifth place, followed by Google and Kellogg’s. British retailers Boots and Tesco came eighth and ninth respectively, only because of self-service checkout, with ITV finishing it off.

Paul Houlding, Isobel’s managing director, said to no one’s surprise: “It would seem that longevity works wonders for most.”

“But it’s not just about affection, it’s about relevance and usefulness and what better proof of that formula than Amazon and Google. Brands that are useful to us, brands that make our lives easier, brands that do what they promise.”

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