Marvel Reveals When We'll See An LGBT Character On-Screen


Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige, talked about the possibility of introducing an LGBT character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But maybe don’t hold your breath…

Speaking about this summer’s Marvel blockbuster, Ant-Man, Feige was asked if he saw an LGBT character in future Marvel films. While there is no plan yet, he is hopeful that Marvel Comics will introduce a suitable character into the comics that they can depict on-screen. Having said that, maybe don’t get too excited just yet, as usually there has to be a big gap after a new comic is released and when they can put it in a movie.

“Well in the drawing board going up to 2019 it remains to be seen,” he told Collider.

“The comics always make the path that we get to have the fun of saying, ‘Yeah let’s choose this way or let’s choose this way’, and I think there are a lot of cool things happening in the comics now that – it’s usually a five to 10-year cycle between when something happens in the comics and when we can do it in the movie, sometimes a little less, but Civil War is certainly about the ten-year mark. Winter Soldier, I think, was around that time.

“So we always look at stuff that’s happening in the comics and go, ‘Where could we do that?’ Sometimes it’s sooner, but there’s no reason why that couldn’t happen in the next decade or sooner.” There you have it, folks. An LGBT character by 2025 at least.

Although we may be waiting for a gay Thor or a bi Black Widow on the big screen, there’s plenty of diversity in the comic universe. X-Men member Northstar was revealed to be in a relationship with a man in 2009, and they even went and tied the knot in Astonishing X-Men #51.




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