10 Surprising Celebrity Hidden Talents


Of course most celebrities are talented in their field… but a lot of them have hidden talents that they seldom get to show off. Here’s our 10 favourite celebrity hidden talents.


Cara Delevingne – Drums

When she’s not modeling or out gallivanting with girlfriend Annie Clark (St. Vincent), the 22 year-old is a pretty good drummer! She can also beatbox, which she showed off recently on The Graham Norton Show.


Justin Bieber – Drums

Okay, he may be the most hated man-boy on the internet, but Justin is a pretty talented drummer. Drums are his first instrument, and he’s been playing since he was a young kid.


Justin Bieber – Can Solve Rubik’s Cube in one minute flat

Yep, he can also solve a Rubik’s cube in no time at all. Kind of makes you hate him more, doesn’t it?


Sandra Bullock – Speaks German Fluently

Sandy B, Hollywood’s most likable celebrity, is half German. Although she was born in America, her dad was stationed in Nuremberg with the US Army, so she was raised in Germany for 12 years before moving back to the US for college.


Ellen Page – Juggling

The Juno actress showed off her surprising skill on Conan.


Chris Pine – Singing

Word on the street is that Martin Scorsese is producing a Frank Sinatra biopic in the near future. With this voice, Chris Pine could be the lead.


Susan Sarandon – Ping Pong

The Thelma and Louise actress loves ping pong so much, that she has her own ping pong club in NYC.


Colin Farrell – Line Dancing

Before he broke Hollywood, a teenage Colin Farrell made his cash by being a line-dancing instructor in Dublin.


Taylor Lautner – Martial Arts

Taylor Lautner has been practicing martial arts since the age of 6, was a black belt by the age of 8 and is a FIVE TIME World Champion.


Neil Patrick Harris – Magic

He sings, he dances, he’s funny… and he can do magic!


Bradley Cooper – Speaks Fluent French

To make him even dreamier, Cooper learned to speak french at Georgetown University and spent six months in the south of France as an exchange student.


Jodie Foster – Also Speaks Fluent French

Another celebrity that has mastered the french language is Jodie Foster. She attended a French prep-school in her teens, and did all her learning through french. She has acted in french movies since, and even over-dubs her own lines in french translations of english language films that she stars in.

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