Mayor of London Blasts DUP During Pride Speech

Crowds at London Pride booed Northern Ireland’s largest party, the DUP, as Mayor Sadiq Khan criticised their blocking of gay marriage

Mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn

“You may have done a deal with the DUP but there will be no backtracking on LGBT+ rights.”

Speaking at a Pride rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, Mayor Sadiq Khan suggested that the DUP may seek to undermine LGBT and women’s rights in coalition with the Tories.

When Mr Khan mentioned of the DUP, the crowd booed. Addressing Teresa May’s Conservative party, he said: “You may have done a deal with the DUP but there will be no backtracking on LGBT+ rights. There will be no backtracking on women’s rights.”

A sign saying

There were shouts and boos earlier in the day when a video message from Theresa May was screened. In it, May pledged to encourage other countries to ensure equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation.

She said the UK “will continue to stand up for human rights, directly challenging at the highest political levels governments that criminalise homosexuality or practice violence and discrimination against LGBT+ people”

The DUP, who May courted to be part of her coalition government, have consistently used a ‘petition of concern’ veto to block the Northern Assembly from voting for gay marriage in Northern Ireland. The province remains the only part of the UK not to have equal marriage rights.


On Saturday, July 3, thousands of people marched in Belfast demanding the introduction of equal marriage for same-sex couples.

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