"The Breeders Don’t Get It Even If They Try," Says Oliver Callan

Comedian Oliver Callan says: “I have never met a straight person who ever fully understood what it means to be gay.”

Callan Oliver

Writing in the Cork Pride Programme, star of RTÉ Radio’s Callan’s Kicks has described his childhood, growing up gay in Co. Monaghan, saying that his comedic skills helped him avoid being targeted at school. “My impressions of teachers pretty much provided a free pass against bullying for the entirety of secondary school,” he wrote.

Callan (36) came out as gay in 2011 and in the piece he says he “never felt sadness or regret about coming out late.”

Recounting his journey out of the closet, he says “breeders just don’t get it, even if they try.”

But he thanks “creation” for straight people who do try, “even though deep down at the very nadir of their rainbow-bright hearts, even the very best of them, still feel a little sorry for us.”

Callan also speculates on Ireland post-referendum, saying: “Regardless of how hard it was attained, freedom is always taken for granted and becomes dull. That’s the phase we’ve entered now in Ireland.”

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Cork Pride takes place from July 30 to August 6, read the full programme here.

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