Remembering Lafayette

In the wake of True Blood actor Nelsan Ellis' sudden death, the GCN team share our favourite Lafayette moments that made this character so iconic.

True Blood's Lafayette

“Who ordered the Aids burger?”

Here at GCN we’ve all been shaken by the death of True Blood’s Lafayette, Nelsan Ellis. Ellis brought so much to this character Lafayette wasn’t just some flamboyant gay stereotype. He brought something new to queer representation on television, defying the typical flamboyant stereotypes of gay men on screen by bringing an air of masculinity, strength and depth the part. Here are some of our top Lafayette moments.


“I ain’t Whoopi Goldberg in ‘Ghost’, although I am way prettier.” Lafayette confronts some”creepy spirit things” in Sookie’s place, but he “ain’t no gmail for dead bitches’. He had the best lines evah.


Lafayette is one of the best characters in True Blood – his unapologetically camp swagger and take no prisoners attitude made him an integral part of True Blood for the full seven seasons of the show.

Although in the comics he was killed off early on, Nelsan Ellis’s portrayal of the southern beau was so adored by fans that his character was kept around until the very end.

That’s why it’s so hard to pick a single clip to sum up Lafayette’s character, but here’s one that spoke to me today and reminded me why I loved Lafayette so much!

RIP Nelson Ellis.


Even while dealing with everything Bon Temps had to throw at him, Lafayette spent his time looking out for the people most important to him. Just look at him defending Tara. YOU GO LAFAYETTE!


“Who ordered the Aids burger?”

Lafayette’s challenge to a homophobic customer at Merlotte’s diner in the 5th episode of season 1 of the HBO series sets out the stall for his character: unashamed, unapologetic and uncowed by homophobic rednecks who might take exception to him.

In a mark of just how fantastic Nelsan Ellis’ performance is, Lafayette is one of the show’s rare survivors, lasting all the way up to the final episode despite the fact that his character was due for the chop in season 1.
Bòn nwi, Lafayette.


Lafayette’s dirty mouth and straight-talking at the grill pass.


Tara & Lafayette’s whole relationship. All the love & the sass with these cousins despite both going through A LOT in seven seasons!


Lafayette was one of my favourite characters from True Blood. Loved his sassiness and how he was always there for Tara. My favourite part of the show that involved Lafayette however, was probably in Season 7 when him and James start seeing each other. I loved the two of them and loved that you see them together in the finale. It was nice seeing him happy after all he had been through in the previous seasons.


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