Meet The Irish Film Maker Attempting To Crack 'The Gender Code'

28 year-old Luka identifies as gender feminine and has spent the past 6 years examining and observing how most of society's ideas on gender and sexuality can be reimagined.


After 6 years of intense research, hard work and life experience Luka has released the first trailer to their documentary, ‘The Gender Code’. It looks at the bigger picture of gender and sexuality and transcends ideas typically found in the 21st century. The hour and a half long documentary will be released this spring as a YouTube experiment.

Speaking to GCN, Luka said that they began working on The Gender Code when they started feeling free in their gender expression:

“My biological sex is male and I am proud and ok with that. I don’t feel I have dysphoria with my genitals, rather I have dysphoria with society’s outdated customs and expectations of what/how and who people should all dress/behave and love, based on our biological sex. Whether we have an innie or an outie, should not define our life paths.

“I’ve been working on the gender code on and off for 6 years since I started being freer in how I express my self. I created everything myself from scratch, using CGI and a canon camera. I went through many stages and realms of identity, (fluid, trans, etc) before finding my own pace and sense of self.

“Through my observations and research (and intense it was!) I’ve come to the conclusion that most of societies ideas, customs and rhetoric are passed down from an outdated and superstitious space, lacking scientific and feminine or (yang) consciousness.”

In The Gender Code, Luka critiques the traditional way of thinking about gender and how in 2019, people are realising that this is less black and white than originally imagined.

“I came out twice if you will! First as a gay man! then secondly as a trans woman! then now eventually as me! it was hard at first because I didn’t have much of a precedent or model to understand. It was a case of finding my own rulebook and place on the spectrum and finding a way of being and thinking that was right for me, not from black and white rules that were put before me, I had to make my own rules and build my own model.

“I found many hypocritical and unfair realities and entities that I wanted to bring into the light, the main one being that the theory of sexuality and gender, is, in my research and understanding actually, a 20th century myth based on feminine and masculine polarity within the left and right cerebral hemispheres of the brain.

“All humans appear to have both feminine and masculine within themselves but it has been suppressed down the line by religious ideologies. Most humans have different levels of feminine and masculine intelligence, that’s where the idea of gay and straight comes from, when feminine ways of processing is strong in a male, religious crusaders somewhere along the line labelled this homosexual, due to his attraction to his more opposite expression, the masculine male, this evolved to “gay”. However in 2019, we are realizing that most people’s expressions and preferences are not black and white, they can change and they are on a spectrum.

“The Gender Code explores these ideas in a non-biased way by giving new ideas and ways of looking at things. We explore in the trans world how so many straight men are ashamed to date trans women publicly and the science and cures for this. Animated using state of the art CGI and trends, it opens doorways to a realm of etherial possibilities that take us to another world of synthy, neon, moody, and ethereal realm for an hour and a half.”

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