Michelle Visage Vows To Make Sure Paul Ryder Will Be In The Final Of IGT

The drag performer appeared in the semifinals last night where it came to a judges' vote between singer Linda McLoughlin and Paul Ryder, Twitter was not happy with the result.

Paul Ryder performing at Ireland's Got Talent

Last night was the first semi-final show to decide the finalists on Ireland’s Got Talent. Paul Ryder promised the most glam performance we have ever seen and he definitely delivered on last night’s show, slaying the house down.


Singing Bang Bang he got a standing ovation from the four judges; Michelle said: “This is 2018 and for a lot of people their first time seeing drag, this is time to let them know drag comes in all shapes and sizes, you put together a beautiful performance.”

Out of the eight who performed in last night’s show only two could go forward with around 333,000 tuning in to see who it would be. Dance troupe FKFT received the most public votes and went straight through to the live finals.

Paul Ryder and the other contestants of Ireland's Got Talent

It was then between singer Linda McLaughlin and Paul Ryder and it went to judges vote to decide who would continue in the competition.

Louis Walsh cast his vote first saying he couldn’t believe he had to pick between the two, saying they were “so different”, he ultimately decided to stand by his golden buzzer Linda.

Denise Van Outen said it was a “really tough decision”, but also chose to give her vote to Linda.

Jason sealed the deal giving his vote to Linda meaning she received the majority of votes sending her through to the live finals.

A lot of people were unhappy with the decision saying it was a “joke” and have started campaigning for Paul to be brought back to the competition as a wildcard.


Today Michelle Visage has finally had her say having not cast her vote last night.

She told VIP magazine and Today FM that if she had been able to cast her vote it would have definitely gone to Paul Ryder.

“For me? 100-frickin’ percent,” Michelle told VIP Magazine.

“I’m going to bribe, push and prod the judges. He’ll probably be my vote, I can’t imagine anyone else in my mind taking that card from him.”

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