Grindr User Creates App That Allows Users To See Who Has Blocked Them

A loophole in Grindr's app has allowed one tech savvy user to create an app allowing users to see everyone who has blocked them.


A new tool, c*ckblocked, allows Grindr users to see everyone who has blocked them has been released. It was developed by tech professional Trever Faden from Washington, D.C.

“About two weeks ago I discovered that Grindr actually gives each user the profile IDs of all the users who blocked you on the app,” Trever tells Queerty. “They don’t display it anywhere on the actual app itself, but the data is there.”

“So, I decided to build C*ckblocked,” he continues. “Basically you can login with your Grindr creds and it’ll show you all the users who blocked you on the app.”

Trever found a weakness in Grindr’s API’s which allowed him to very easily find the user IDs of people who had blocked him on the app.

He says he made it over the course of a weekend and mainly for his own entertainment.

“I’ve been surprised,” Trever says. “Some guys were completely random–why’d they block me!? (I’m looking at you Plaid Shirt-clad “D.C. Guy”!) Others were people I had spoken to in the past. I even saw a friend of mine on there! That was an odd conversation to have.”

While this was all created just for fun, Trever imagines that the folks at Grindr will be quick to path the security bug.

“I assume Grindr will shut it down within a week,” Trever says, “or patch the API I’m using so that it no longer displays the data, but I figure in the meantime, its interesting data that could spark some silly conversations.”

Grindr app called cockblocked shows blocked users

This means that if you want to see who has blocked you, you should act fast!

Trever offered a short PSA about online security:

“Luckily, someone finding out that you blocked them on Grindr isn’t a huge security vulnerability, as much as it is an awkward conversation waiting to happen.

“That said, when you block someone on Grindr, you do assume that information will stay somewhat private. Sometimes that is unfortunately just an assumption, as we’ve seen with data breaches in the past at companies like Ashley Madison.

“All of this data is safe, until it’s not, which, in my opinion, just means that if you really want to keep a secret–don’t send it through the internet”

Earlier this year, former intelligence experts said the purchase of Grindr by Chinese technology company the Kunlun Group means that the Chinese government would be in a position to demand access to the personal details of its 3.3 million users.

And worryingly, under Chinese law, if the government demands users’ personal information, citing “public security” concerns, companies like the Kunlun Group have no option but to comply.

But why would the Chinese government be interested in Grindr users’ data?

According to former intelligence analyst Peter Mattis, who told the WP:

What you can see from Chinese intelligence practices is a clear effort to collect a lot of personal information on a lot of different people, and to build a database of names that’s potentially useful either for influence or for intelligence.

Then later, when the party-state comes into contact with someone in the database, there’s now information to be pulled.”

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