Names Of 27 Murdered Men In Chechnya Released

Novaya Gazeta have released the names of 27 men who were killed in Chechnya

A picture of graves with ornate crosses in front of forests and mountains with the sun peaking out behind some clouds to represent the 27 men murdered in Chechnya

Novaya Gazeta have released the names of twenty-seven men who have been murdered in Chechnya which could be a result of the ongoing state-sanctioned anti-gay crusade.

The Russian newspaper which first published the news of a gay purge taking place in Chechnya making international headlines earlier this year and sparking international outrage at the violation of human rights.

Now Novaya Gazeta have revealed that over two dozen men were killed in the capital of Chechnya, Grozny, GSN reports.

These executions took place between January 25 and January 26 following the detention of the men.

“According to our information,” the Novaya Gazeta wrote, “the detainees were shot that night and have carried on various cemeteries, including Christian, and buried in hastily dug graves”.

The newspaper also indicated that more than fifty people have been killed by the Chechen Republic at the behest of Ramzan Kadyrov, the ‘strongman’ leader of Chechnya.


Russian Investigation

In this month’s issue of GCN, Ciara Mc Grattan reports on the tumultuous relationship between Russia and Chechnya, concluding that Vladimir Putin may be tiring of the international scrutiny which Kadyrov’s actions are drawing.

In light of the Novaya Gazeta reports, many nations – including Ireland – urged Russia to formally investigate the alleged breach of human rights which has been taking place as part of Chechnya’s anti-gay purge.

Novaya Gazeta hoped to aid in the ongoing investigation “through repeated and now public appeals to the Investigative Committee of Russia”

“For two months we had hoped for cooperation, which was effective at the very beginning,” the newspaper reports, although now the committee appears to be less effective.

“That is why we publish a list of those who, according to our information, were the victims of the most terrible extrajudicial execution in Grozny”

Below is the list of twenty-seven men who were killed in Chechnya, some or all of which may have been executed because of their sexuality.

  1. Abdulmezhidov Adam Isayevich, May 27, 1987.

  2. Abumuslimov Apti Hasanovich, 02/06/1989, Shali, Shkolnaya Street, 16.

  3. Abdulkerimov Said-Ramzan Ramzanovich, born on March 25, 1990, registered at the address: Kurchaloy village, Dokhtukaeva street, 18.

  4. Alimkhanov Islam Alievich, 06/07/1998

  5. Abubakarov Adam Dzhabrailovich, 05.05.1995 year of birth

  6. Bergaev Ismail Shadidovich 19.08.1998 year of birth

  7. Dasaev Adam Ilyasovich, born 16.06.1988, the town of Shali.

  8. Jabaev Zelimkhan Khizirovich, December 18, 1993

  9. Ilyasov Adam Khuseinovich, September 22, 1997

  10. Lugaev Rizvan Said-Khamzatovich, September 13, 1987, Shali town.

  11. Malikov Rizvan Agdanovich, June 1, 1990

  12. Muskiev Mohma Turpalovich, 19.07.1988, registered at the address: Tsotsi-Yurt village, Novaya Str. 10.

  13. Mussanov Temirlan Ahmadovich, born April 28, 1986 Shali, Chicherina street, 2.

  14. Ozdiev Usman Vakhaevich, December 24, 1989, registered at the address: Shali, 39 Groznenskaya Street.

  15. Rashidov Doku Ibrahimović, 30.05.1995 year of birth

  16. Syriev Magomed Musayevich, born February 23, 1993

  17. Soltamanov Ismail Ezer-Aliyevich, 30.03.1994 of the river, registered at the address: Mayrtup village, Nuradilov street.

  18. Suleimanov Magomed Arbeevich, 03.01.1987 year of birth, Shali town, Caucasus settlement, house 8, apartment 4.

  19. Tuchaev Ahmed Ramzanovich, February 23, 1987, Shali, Shkolnaya Street, 30.

  20. Khabuev Khamzat Slaudinovich 14.02. 1993 of the b.

  21. Hakimov Alvi Aslambekovich, 16.11. 1992 of the b.

  22. Khamidov Shamil Ahmedovich, born on November 14, 1986

  23. Tsikmaev Ayub Sultanovich, 02.04.1984 of the village, Germenchuk village, Molodezhnaya street.

  24. Shapiev Muslim Isayevich, 28.11.1989, registered at the address: Shali Street, Kutuzov Street, 12.

  25. Eskarbiev Saikhan Vahamsoltovich, born on May 23, 1992

  26. Yusupov Sakhab Isayevich, born January 19, 1990

  27. Yusupov Shamkhan Shaykhovich, June 17, 1988, registered at the address: Kurchaloy village, ul. The Soviet, 11.

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