Nearly Half of LGBTQ Population Identifies As Bisexual

In a poll of 880 participants, 46% identified as bisexual.


A recent study has found that 46% of the U.S. LGBTQ community identify as bisexual.

Buzzfeed have teamed up Whitman Insight Strategies  to explore the rich diversity of the U.S. LGBTQ community, conducting a survey of 880 participants. According to Buzzfeed, the thorough survey asked over 100 questions about “gender, sex, politics, family, and discrimination.”

The survey asked participants specific personal questions like “what does it mean to you personally to be LGBTQ?”, and sought to explore stereotypes within the LGBTQ community.

The results of the survey have revealed an array of interesting facts about the U.S. LGBTQ community, the most stark finding being that almost half (46%)  of the participants identified as being bisexual. This is slightly higher than the findings of the 2013 study by the Pew Research Centre, which found that 40% of the American LGBTQ community identified as bisexual. The survey also found that bisexual people are having more sex than gay, lesbian, and queer participants. 18% of gay people said that they have sex once or twice a week, in comparison to 29% of bisexual people.

The survey’s participants were made up of 55% women, 41% men and the remaining percentage identify as queer, non-binary or self-described.

Another interesting result of the survey was the fact that  14% of participants do not want to get married, while 22% already have. Participants said that they believe getting married is a “strong political/social statement”. The majority of participants have said that they don’t want to have children- with 55% of gay men agreeing with the statement. The survey found that 56% of LGBTQ people “people feared their children would be bullied because of their parents’ sexual orientation or gender identity”.

Other interesting findings include the fact that:

  • More than half of of LGBTQ Americans are Christian
  • 59% voted for Hilary Clinton in the most recent presidential election, while 14% voted for Trump and full fifth abstained from voting at all.

Read the findings of the report here

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