'We Need To Talk About Dad' Will Feature Irish Designer Brendan Courtney

Brendan Courtney on the left smiling, with his dad on the right

In ‘We Need To Talk About Dad’ Brendan Courtney and his family have a tough time as they prepare to find care for his father


Brendan Courtney, presenter and fashion designer, will star in a new documentary on RTÉ One called ‘We Need To Talk About Dad’.

The show follows the Courtney family as they make the tough decision to arrange care for Brendan Courtney’s father, who has had a stroke and is now getting older and needs more care.

“Brendan Courtney and his family are making the heartbreaking decision to find care for his ageing father,” the narrator reveals in an ad for the show.

Speaking about his father’s character, Courtney remembers: “My dad was a builder and strong and his power was his bigness and his strength.”

“Imagine, you never knew me when I was myself. You only knew me since I had the stroke,” Courtney’s father proclaims.

“I’m the man I am because of my dad,” Courtney says.

The show will air on RTÉ One on Monday 16 January at 9:35pm.

Check out the ad for the show below.


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