New Online Resource For PrEP Created By Dublin-Based Activists

Will St Leger, Adam Shanley and several other sexual health advocates have collaborated to create a site full of everything you need to know about PrEP in Ireland.

Accesibility in the information on PrEP through a new site created by Dublin Activists

There were many steps forward in the fight against HIV in 2017. One of the most notable milestones was the acessibility of generic PrEP in 60 pharmacies across Ireland.

An important factor in the accessibility of PrEP is in the freedom and availability of information regarding the medication.

Will St Leger, Adam Shanley and several other sexual health advocates have created an online resource for those in Ireland looking for information.

The site details where to get it, how to take it, what tests you need and some advice on the legalities of PrEP.

The Dublin-based group of individuals who have developed this site have done so voluntarily and there is no affiliation with the HSE or NGO’s.

They said, “We want to ensure that current or potential PrEP users in Ireland can find clear and up-to-date information to support them in making informed decisions about their sexual health.”


Accessibility of PrEP

PrEP has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of HIV infection through sex, particularly for those deemed at risks, such as gay and bisexual men, and transgender women.

First launched in the United States in 2012, PrEP works to prevent HIV from establishing infection inside the body. Two large clinical trials found that PrEP taken on a daily basis reduces the risk of HIV infection by 86 percent. However, many experts view this figure to be a conservative estimate and believe the real rate of risk reduction to be much higher.

The availability of generic PrEP means that it is now about 70% cheaper, however, it still does not cater to the needs of some of our most vulnerable members of society from an affordability standpoint.

The general manager of TEVA has stated that they are “engaging with HSE to progress this issue to ensure that PrEP can be accessed by all.”


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