Panti Making An Exhibition Of Herself

A new exhibition of 100 of PantiBar's most joyously demented posters launches at the Capel Street bar this month.

3 iconic posters for the exhibition focused on the artwork for Pantibar

Eyes, boots, bums, lips, limelight, bones and boobs — armed with a kit of parts, the posters for PantiBar line up like a joyously demented assembly line in a doll factory. Over the past ten years, these demented gems have become some of the most iconic images around.

They’ve been exhibited, published, collected and acclaimed around the world and are a perfect example of advertisement as art-form. In celebration of this fact, a selection of 100 of the posters – borne of the great friendship and collaborative partnership between the Queen of Ireland and graphic designer Niall Sweeney – will be exhibited in PantiBar in January.

When seen together, this selection of 100 posters display familiar motifs such as the high-heeled boots worn or the dots present in all of the early posters, mimicking the Tivoli Theatre lighting. And most importantly, for the first time ever patrons will have the chance to purchase high quality prints of a selection of the posters, signed and dated by the designer, Niall Sweeney, who has also created a collectable series of three t-shirts, each celebrating Panti and PantiBar.

To find out more about the couple’s creative partnership, check out the first episode of GCN’s podcast Q+A. In the episodeNiall and Rory discuss the origins of the polished Panti we know so well today, how their professional association helped to establish Panti in Ireland after her return from Japan.

Making a Show of Herself: An exhibitionism of 100 PantiBar posters begins Wednesday, January 17, 6pm and runs until February 14 in PantiBar

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