New Prostate Cancer Research Project Seeks Gay Men

Prostate cancer cells in gay men show at microscopic level

Research project seeks gay men who have been treated for prostate cancer to better understand the influences it has on wellbeing


Are you a gay man who has been treated for prostate cancer in Ireland? If so, you may be interested to participate in a research study exploring the lived experience of gay men treated for prostate cancer in Ireland.

In Ireland, approximately three thousand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in Ireland each year.

It is believed that the needs of gay men and their experiences of dealing with this disease are unique, however very little research into the area has been conducted.

Since this area lacks research, this is an important study which aims to understand the experiences of gay men who have been diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer.


Inform Future Policy

It is hoped the results from this study will inform health policy and future improvements in the delivery of healthcare to men with this cancer in Ireland.

Robert McCkonkey, the primary contact for this research explained what the study is about, saying: “The study seeks to understand the experiences of gay men diagnosed with and treated for prostate cancer in Ireland.”

“By understanding the impact that prostate cancer and its treatment has on your physical, psychological, social, sexual health and wellbeing as a gay men, it is hoped to improve the provision of service and support in the prostate cancer.”



McConkey continued to describe the type of participants they were looking for which includes gay men who have had this illness in “the recent or distant past.”

“The following gay men may be eligible to participate if: you have been treated in Ireland for prostate cancer in the recent or distant past; treatments include surgery and/or radiation therapy (external beam or brachytherapy seed implants) and/or hormone therapy.”

The study will involve an initial short introductory telephone conversation followed by a face to face interview lasting up to an hour.

McConkey reassured prospective participants that “all information will be treated in the strictest of confidence and in accordance with data protection rules. Anonymity of data is assured.”

For more information, please contact Robert McConkey by email at [email protected] or by phone on 086 326 4235 (send a text or leave a message).


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