Newstalk Needs Trans Interviewees

Newstalk are producing a radio documentary exploring the experience of trans people and are actively seeking participants.

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A production company got in touch with us to spread the news of a radio documentary they’re working on for Newstalk about the experiences of trans people in Ireland.

The producers of the documentary, which will be broadcast in 2018, are seeking the input of trans people from around Ireland.

From the press release:

You are invited to take part in a new radio documentary for Newstalk which explores the experiences of trans* people in Ireland—in which you decide what you want and need to talk about. All themes and experiences spoken about in the programme will only be from a trans perspective.

Interviews/conversations will be recorded in January 2018. Please get in touch for further info.

*We’re using the term Trans as ‘an umbrella term as it is currently the most inclusive and respectful term to describe diverse identities. However, we acknowledge and respect each individual’s right to self-identify as they choose’ (from TENI’s guide to Trans terms)

Produced by Bureau. Airing on Newstalk in 2018

To find out more or to get in touch, click here.

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