Nick Jonas: My Gay Fanbase is So Important


Boyband graduate turned buff and brooding musician/actor Nick Jonas, talks about his new gay fan base.

For a straight guy, Nick Jonas really loves the gays. If he’s not stripping in a gay bar in New York, he’s staring at celebrity crotch bulges for fun. But it’s okay, because his gay fans love him back.

Jonas recently spoke to The Advocate about his new status as a gay icon, and how he feels about having gays around the globe fawning over him. Talking about that gay bar stripping incident, in which he appeared to promote his new music, he said, “It was my first time at a gay club, and it was amazing.

“For me it was really about embracing that part of my audience because I know it’s a big part of my audience. The reception from my gay fan base has been incredible.”

He added, “I don’t know why more heterosexual male artists don’t embrace their gay fan base, because it’s so important. At least, I feel like it’s such an important part of my fan base, so I wanted to make an effort and it was incredible to be around my gay fans and celebrate.”

The 22 year-old recently landed a lead role in TV series Kingdom, and he reveals that his on screen boxer counterpart will have a story revolving around his sexuality – but didn’t reveal much else.

“He’s picking up the pieces and discovering who he is,” he explained. “That extends to a lot of different areas of his life and the biggest question for him in this self-discovery period is who he is when it comes to sex and his sexuality and we’ll start to see more of that unravel towards the end of the season.”


Watch the trailer for Kingdom.

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