No, Milo Yiannopoulos' House Wasn't Destroyed By Hurricane Irma, Sadly

Despite his claims to the contrary, former Breitbart brat Milo Yiannopoulos did not lose his Miami home in Hurricane Irma


Yesterday, UK LGBT news outlet Pink News gleefully reported that right-wing mouth-piece Milo Yiannopoulos had lost his house during the recent hurricane (labelled the most intense storm to hit the US since 2005’s Hurricane Katrina) shortly after making jokes about the destruction caused by the storm.

On September 6, Yiannopoulos posted “Irma is about to finish what Hillary started: leaving Haiti in ruins” following up with “In more positive Irma news, Richard Branson’s Necker Island has been devastated.” on September 7.

But on Sunday, he posted an image of building in West Brickell, Miami with the caption ‘My house is gone’.

However, Yiannopolus is a notorious troll, and so the Miami Herald wasted no time in fact- checking a Facebook post in which he claimed his house was “gone”.

The post featured a screen grab of a twitter post purporting to show the destruction of a building in West Brickell, Miami, with the caption ‘My house is gone’.


“We checked to see if Yiannopoulos does indeed own that home (we doubted it, since why is he still posting about 9/11 related news on Monday and not dealing with the recovery?),” wrote Miami Herald’s Madeleine Marr.

“Plus, we heard he lives in the Miami Beach area. So anyhoo. YEAH. That house that got dessimated does most definitely not belong to Yiannopoulos.

“The Miami Herald found the place, and it’s in Edgewater, at Northeast 27th Street and Fifth Avenue, which is close but definitely not the Brickell neighbourhood where it was rumoured to be on social media.

Reporter David Smiley spoke to a neighbour who witnessed the drama unfold and it turns out the property belongs to a guy named Gerard Duhart, who had evacuated ahead of the storm.

So no, this wreck of a place does not belong to Milo, so don’t be fooled and DON’T FEEL BAD FOR HIM.”

So, there you have it: there is literally no limit to how far this clown will go for publicity.

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