New TV3 Show Seeks Heartbroken LGBT+ People For 'Heartbreak Hotel'

Get over the pain of a breakup with TV3's new show, 'Heartbreak Hotel'

A sad robot with a giant broken heart in his hands to represent the new TV3 show, Heartbreak Hotel

TV3 are seeking heartbroken LGBT+ people for a new show, Heartbreak Hotel, that aims to help people recover from the pain of a break-up.

“Is your past dictating your future? Are you stuck in a rut? Does your world seem populated by lots of happy couples… and then there’s you?

“Heartbreak Hotel is a chance to hit the reset button and start the rest of your life. Every journey starts with a single step and a trip to Heartbreak Hotel is the first. The size of that step? Well, that’s up to you.


Depths Of Despair

Picture this. You’ve been in a relationship for months or years and out of the blue, your partner informs you that it’s over. You’re through. Nothing you can say will change their mind, they’re leaving you and that’s that.

A breakup can be one of the most painful, disorienting experiences that a person can have in life and if it’s not handled correctly it can lead to bouts of depression.

Knowing the healthiest way to combat the heartache is one thing, but actually following through on the sage advice that a friend or family member gives can seem impossible.

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Junk food, reliance on alcohol and drugs, excessive hookups and other coping mechanisms may lead you down a dangerous route without helping you to get over your ex properly.


Welcome To Heartbreak Hotel

Enter Heartbreak Hotel. This show is looking to help people bridge the gap between the depths of a breakup and getting back to leading a healthy, fulfilled life.

A press release from the show’s production company, Midas Productions, reads:

“Are you being held back by heartbreak? Are you stuck in a rut?

“Heartbreak Hotel is a new tv show designed to help people move on from a break-up. We’re looking to speak to people who want to take their first step.”

The show, presented by presenter Maia Dunphy and breakup/relationship specialist Sara Davison, this show could help you to move on from a break up with coaching and a plan that will help you “make the move from surviving to thriving.”


How Does It Work?

Heartbreak Hotel uses a combination of group therapy and “tailor made therapy” to help identify issues and steps that participants can take to help them form new, healthy habits.

“If chosen for the show, you will be taken to a retreat where you’ll attend some group therapy but more specifically avail of some tailor made therapy designed with your life and story in mind.

“After which, you’ll return to your normal routine but with some tasks/habit breaking ideas so they can apply what they’ve learned in the real world.

“For the final part of the experience, you’ll return to the retreat for a last session with the experts to see how you’ve fared and how the experience has been.”

Interested in Heartbreak Hotel for yourself or a friend? Get in touch with the show’s creators by emailing [email protected] or call 01 634 3745.


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