No Surprise About Gays in Maynooth, says Senator Jerry Buttimer

Senator Jerry Buttimer

In the wake of controversy surrounding seminarians in Maynooth using the dating app Grindr, senator Jerry Buttimer said it was “hardly a surprise” that gay men are studying for the priesthood


According to the Irish Times, Buttimer, who studied for the priesthood for five years at Maynooth, said the controversy highlights a need for the Catholic hierarchy to embrace LGBT people of faith and make them part of the church.

“As a person of faith, I pray and yearn that my church and its leaders would move to be more progressive, open and transparent around the teaching on sexuality,” he said.

Buttimer added that the church should no longer “gloss over real issues”.

“These are issues surrounding celibacy, sexuality, formation and how the church treats LGBT people, but especially LGBT people of faith, members of its own church, who want to be ordained or play a pastoral role,” he said.


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