Obama: 'We're not there yet'


Obama speaks to Ingrid Nilsen about LGBT issues in the US

The US president spoke to three top YouTube creators in an effort to reach out to the site’s young fanbase.

Nilsen, who came out as a lesbian last year, was one of the YouTube stars chosen to speak to the president.

She asked Obama about the case of Alabama’s Chief Justice, who is trying to halt same-sex marriage in the state. The President assured her of equal marriage: “It’s here to stay”.


He said to Nilsen: “I understand that the Supreme Court has ruled that under the constitution, everybody in all 50 states has the right to marry the person they love. That’s now the law of the land.

“The fact that an Alabama judge is resisting… is just a temporary gesture by this judge, which will be rapidly overturned. It violates the supremacy clause – when the Constitution speaks, everybody has to abide by it, and state judges can’t overturn it.”

Obama added: “You shouldn’t be worried about that… I think that the process of changing people’s attitudes, of people treating the LGBT community with full equality and respect, making sure they’re not discriminated against on the job or in housing – those are the areas we’ve still got some significant work to do.
Watch the Youtube interviews with the president here:

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