One Direction's LGBT Fans Create Safe Space at Concerts


A group of LGBT One Direction fans have rallied together to bring their rainbow ensemble to every One Direction concert to show their support of the band and other LGBTs.


Rainbow Direction is an LGBT support group set up by fans of the popular boy band which aims to strengthen the LGBT community during One Direction’s international tours.

The group display their rainbows at concerts as a way to show LGBT fans that, for that moment, the concert is a safe space for them to express themselves.

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The group has representatives in Asia and the Middle East, showing support even in countries that would not be considered LGBT-friendly. They hope their rainbow displays will make the usually invisible fans visible to both One Direction at the rest of the fan community.

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The group’s Take Me Home From Narnia page also educates their followers on trans issues and encourages support of out celebrities, such as Ruby Tandoh, who recently came out.

Fans have been appreciative of the group, feeling safer with Rainbow Direction members at various concerts – so it seems their plan is working.

“That moment of realising you’re not the only one there, that you have a rainbow directioners squad. It was so amazing, so uplifting. And that was one of the best feeling I had in a while, that you’re not alone, that you’re accepted.”

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According to the page, over 1500 fans have committed to partake during the One Direction concerts all over the world an they have now been featured in Attitude magazine.

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