Rihanna Says "Indiana's Anti-Gay Law is Bullsh*t"


Last weekend, Rihanna appeared in Indiana’s state capital and told the crowd just what she thought of their new anti-gay laws.


Appearing at the March Madness Music Fest, Rihanna stood on stage in Indianapolis – Indiana’s capital city – and asked the lively crowds what they thought of the state’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“Who’s feeling these new bullshit laws they’re trying to pass around here?” People begin to cheer, it’s unclear whether they support the law, or the fact that Rihanna called it bullshit.

“I say fuck that shit because we’re just living our motherfucking lives,” she shouts to the crowd, before going into a rendition of her song Live Your Life.

Rihanna joins a number of celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Tim Cook and Arnold Schwarzenegger who have all condemned Indiana’s bill, which allows businesses to refuse gay customers based on religious grounds.


Watch TMZ‘s video below:

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