One Researcher Finds Out How To Become A Drag Queen To Better Understand The Gender-Bending Performance

Michael Alexander becoming a drag queen in Drag Mother Birthing a Drag Queen

Researcher Michael Alexander asks drag queen Saya Naomi to be his drag mother to better understand what it means to be a drag queen

Michael Alexander, researcher from The Sound has teamed up with Saya Naomi to find out how to become a drag queen in Drag Mother, Birthing a Drag Queen so that he can better understand the process, what it means to be a drag queen and how society reflects upon these the performers.

When Michael asks Saya about discrimination she’s experienced being a black drag queen the performer explains: “Oh my gosh, it’s kind of crazy. You can go to a show and see all white drag queens, one black drag queen. They don’t book multiple black drag queens cause they think they’re all going to perform the same songs.”

The description explains the premise of the video: “Questioning the nature of human identity while also breaking down the old concepts of gender, Drag Mother features the sincere, heartwarming interaction between The Sound’s Michael Alexander and professional drag queen, Saya Naomi.

“Hoping to get firsthand perspective on how society views people who don’t conform to gender norms, gain insight into the appeal of dressing up in drag and engender compassion in the process, Alexander turns the camera on himself and decides to undergo his own metamorphosis in the capable hands of Saya, who takes the trainee under her wing and assumes the role of ‘Drag Mother.'”

There are bound to be men who have considered doing drag before but without a drag mother to show them the ropes and take them under their wings, they don’t know how to become a drag queen. The video below might give a little more insight into the process for those who are curious, with Saya Naomi proving that with the right mother it can be done.


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