Oregon Reproductive Medicine To Host Seminar: Future of Same Sex Parenting in Ireland


Oregon Reproductive Medicine (ORM), one of the world’s leading fertility centres based in Portland Oregon will hold a seminar discussing ‘The Future of Same Sex Parenting in Ireland’ in Dublin’s Westbury Hotel on Wednesday, November 5 from 6-9pm. The event will be hosted by TV presenter Anna Nolan.


The seminar will provide gay and lesbian couples with the opportunity to receive medical and independent legal advice if they wish to start or grow their family using IVF or a surrogate. Speakers will include :


· Brandon J. Bankowski, MD, MPH from Oregon Reproductive Medicine
· Fiona Duffy, partner in Patrick F O’Reilly & Co solicitors, a legal expert who specialises in surrogacy;
· Conor Pendergrast, son of a Lesbian couple and proud to have two Mums
· John Chally and Sandra Hodgson from Northwest Surrogacy Centre in the US
· Richard Westoby, gay father of twins which were born via surrogate in the US.
· Barbara Wiley, Head of ORM Patient Services and former ORM patient who gave birth to twin girls last year.

Civil Partnerships continues to be a great success in Ireland with figures up to the end of June 2014, showing that almost 3,000 people have entered into a civil partnership. 1,467 lesbian or gay couples have entered civil partnership in Ireland, since they first became publicly available in April 2011. They join hundreds of other lesbian and gay couples who married or entering civil partnership abroad, whose relationships are automatically recognised in Ireland as civil partnerships.

Brandon J. Bankowski, MD, MPH commented, “We are looking forward to coming to Dublin to speak to same sex couples who would like to have children. Making the decision to pursue your dream of having a baby is a big and very important one for anyone. For same sex parents and those facing challenges with fertility the decisions become that much bigger and potentially complicated. Being informed is key to making a decision that is best for you and your partner .”

Dr Bankowski continued, “Portland is very popular with gay couples as it is very gay-friendly city. Prospective gay and straight patients have been travelling from Europe, the Middle-East, Australia, and points beyond to seek treatment at Oregon Reproductive Clinic from all over the globe since the clinic opened in 1989 because they want success and ORM has nearly unmatched live birth success rates. Currently, they are 85% for Donor egg and gestational carrier cycles.”

Fiona Duffy, Solicitor, Patrick F O’Reilly Solicitors added, “I am very pleased to have been asked to speak at this seminar on the legal position in relation to surrogacy in Ireland”

By attending the Same Sex Parenting seminar in Dublin prospective parents will have the opportunity to learn about Oregon Reproductive Medicine, their physician’s education, background and philosophy about their work. The team at ORM of physicians, nurses and embryologists often work with surrogates so if couples are seeking a referral to a surrogacy agency, ORM physicians will be happy to help connect couples with the right people in the US. ORM will be happy to answer any questions and address individual concerns the best they can.


For further information or to register interest in the seminar, please visit SameSexParenting.org.

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