Taylor Swift Praises Grindr Fan


It seems that no one is impervious to the internet chatter about Taylor Swift’s new album, ‘1989’ … even the gays of Grindr.

This week, one screengrab showing a fan’s exchange with another user of the gay hookup app went viral – and even caught the attention of the megastar Taylor Swift.

Jay, a proud Swiftie, responded to a message he got on Grindr. The message read, “Yo ur hot what’s up.” Jay trolled the living day lights out of ‘Frank’ with his fandom, by responding, “Taylor Swift’s album sales,” with the hashtag #Preorder1989oniTunes.


After being reblogged on Tumblr countless times, and receiving over 25,000 favourites, it made it all the way to the Shake It Off singer herself. She reblogged it, and added her praise. “CANT STOP LAUGHING. I Will be applauding you for decades to come for this.”

Looks like Taylor’s gay fanbase is getting bigger and bigger since the release of her fifth album 1989, which features Welcome To New York – a song hailed an anthem for gay fans. And what about those lesbian rumours? Okay, probably not true – but we love her anyway.

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