The Outing: Dos and Don'ts for Introverted Gays


Are you a gibbering bundle of nerves ahead of Ireland’s only LGBT matchmaking festival, The Outing, this weekend?

Fear not, gentle reader: The Outmost’s got you covered with some helpful ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’!

The do's for the outing 2016

DO…get involved in the events

There are so many things going that you’re bound to find something you like. Not into trad music (Friday, 8pm at the Roadside Tavern)? Then why not stretch your vocal chords at the Big Gay Song Book (Ballroom, Hydro Hotel, 8pm). Nothing says ‘I’m a promising date’ like an ironic rendition of Beyonce’s ‘All the Single Ladies’.

DO…try new things

This is obvious, but worth repeating. If you’re off to The Outing it’s because thusfar you haven’t found a partner in any of the ‘obvious’ places (bars, apps, Parliament street’s Spar).

However, you might yet meet your perfect match surfing (Saturday, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Lahinch), or during the delighfully titled Love Boat cruise (5pm, Saturday, pick-up at Hydro Hotel). Or hey, if comedy more is your thing why not check out the Father Ted location tour (Sunday, pick-up at Hydro Hotel, 1.30pm)?

DO…chat to as many people as possible

Think of dating as a referral business: you might not fancy every single person you interact with, but if they find you charming they might recommend you to a mate. Sort of like a sexy LinkedIn.
Even if romance proves elusive at least you might end up with some new mates (who can maybe hook you up with their mates?) Win/ win!


The don'ts for the outing 2016

DON’T…let your nerves get the better of you

I mean, obviously you’re going to be a bit nervous. It’s not like LGBT matchmaking festivals are so common an occurance that we’ve become blasé about them. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is in the same boat – single, near Dingle, and ready to mingle! (Is Lisdoonvarna near Dingle?)

DON’T…overdo it on the booze

We Irish love alcohol at the best of times, but when we’re nervous (like during a matchmaking festival, say) some of us have a tendancy to guzzle the booze like a dehydrated Oliver Reed.

But you don’t want to drink yourself out of contention now, do you? No-one wants to hook-up with the teetering hot-mess with vomit down their top. If you do find yourself guzzling the gargle, try making every second drink a water. Your liver will thank you for it.

DON’T…put too much pressure on yourself

Pressure = stress and stress = no fun. If you go into The Outing expecting to meet the partner of your dreams, you may be disappointed.
It’s far better to go with an open mind (and heart) with expectations for nothing other than a great weekend with like-minded people. And if you get dem digits, great, if not, don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s always next year!



The Outing runs from 7-9 October in Lisdoonvarna, Clare. For tickets and more info check out

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