Outrage Over Suggestion Of Global Registry For Trans Children

Parents are outraged after finding out that prominent trans health professionals suggested establishing a global registry of all transgender children.

silhouettes of kids as Outrage as professionals want to set up global registry of trans kids

An article recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine calling for a global registry of all transgender children for the purposes of “further study of this basic demographic and its associated factors,” has outraged trans activists.

Dr Polly Carmichael, the director of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), contributed to the article.

The article was called Evidence for a Change in the Sex Ratio of Children Referred for Gender Dysphoria: Data From the Gender Identity Development Service in London (2000–2017)and summed up research into how many boys and girls wish to access treatment, and at what ages.

Parents are appalled at the suggestion of an international registry that would keep track of all transgender children, with one parent writing on Twitter, “All children deserve privacy and respect and access to health care that is in keeping with the latest research and best practice so they can live their best lives.”

Another Twitter user who goes by the name of DadTrans, who stays anonymous in order to protect his and his child’s identity, said, “I’m very concerned about the data protection considerations of sharing referral data of NHS patients, including my daughter, with a dismissed psychologist in private practice across international boundaries. This needs investigation as a matter of urgency.”

One of the main figures that the activist is concerned about is Canadian doctor, Kenneth Zucker, who contributed to the controversial article.

Zucker, who was removed from his role at the Child And Adolescent Gender Identity Clinic at Toronto’s Centre For Addiction And Mental Health after Canada banned reparative therapy for gender identity or sexual orientation, previously argued that gender dysphoria is not fully formed in very young children and has also encouraged parents to prevent their children from engaging in any “cross-gendered behaviour.”

Zucker said, “Allowing a little boy to cross-dress just perpetuates [his] confusion.”

Zucker has since responded to the criticism, labelling it “absurd” and “ridiculous”.

“If one did establish some kind of registry or a cross-clinic database you would go through institutional review board procedures. You would have the permission of parents, of minors to use information anonymously. So, individuals would be de-identified.”

There have also been concerns about Dr Polly Carmichael collaborating with Zucker to publish the article. DadTrans said, “I am concerned that by publishing with Zucker the Head of GIDS, is effectively endorsing his (Zucker’s) widely discredited approach, and that this signals a broadening division between GIDS and the rest of the world including Canada, America, Australia, Spain, the Netherlands, who, unlike Polly, and the England service, follow both the latest World Professional Association of Transgender Health approach to affirmative care, and the clinical guidance from the Endocrine Society.”

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