Panti Bliss Pens Her Own Semi-Autobiographical TV Show

A TV with The Panti Show written on it and picture of Panti Bliss who is writing her own TV show

Panti Bliss will star in the TV show she’s writing about her own life


Panti Bliss has sold the film and TV rights to her memoir ‘Woman in the Making’ to an American production company.

The Queen of Ireland is currently penning a screenplay with the production company with the action set in a gay bar on Capel St, much like Pantibar.

Rory O’Neill, aka Panti Bliss, said: “It is fictional-ish.”

“It is a comedy drama. I will be Panti in it and draw on my via back catalogue of embarrassing stories.”

“The TV series is not actually about the book but they are locking all that stuff off so that no one else can use it.”

Two production companies approached O’Neill, the Irish Independent reports, but he decided to work with the one he understood to better comprehend him and his drag persona, Panti Bliss.

“We are still working it all out,” O’Neill said on the Ray D’Arcy radio show.

“They are a big impressive company they have the money to say let’s just go and do it. It’s a new thing for me writing for TV. It’s exciting,” Panti said.

Panti’s stand-up comedy show High Heels In Low Places, which she performed in the Ballymaloe Grainstore in March, is coming to The Abbey Theatre on 30 April.



This performance holds a special significance for Panti, as it will signify a return the stage on which she made her internationally acclaimed “Noble Call” speech in January 2015.

Tickets for Panti’s High Heels In Low Places show in The Abbey are available to purchase here.

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