Pantibar Sign Should Stay, Reveals David Quinn Of The Iona Institute

David Quinn on left who wants to keep the pantibar sign up on right (with two guys carrying sign on capel street)

David Quinn wants to keep the Pantibar sign erect


In an interesting turn of events, David Quinn of the Iona Institute has come out in support of keeping the Pantibar sign on Capel St which has been the subject of complaints and may be taken down by Dublin City Council (DCC).

Just in case this tweet is taken down at a later date, here’s a screen grab of it:

David Quinn's tweet: "Perhaps this will surprise some, but i reckon the sign outside the Pantibar should be allowed to remain in place @pantibliss"








Panti took note of the tweet by posting it on Facebook saying: “I’ll admit to being one of the surprised.”



The comments underneath Panti’s post on Facebook are very tongue in cheek, with Panti supporters coming out with humorous remarks.

While we should take David Quinn at face value, the gay online community may feel more inclined to vilify the No campaign poster boy. One person has used a meme from Star Wars which suggests “It’s a trap!”


Its a trap meme from star wars













Another commenter indicates that it acts as a shining beacon to steer gay men away from the siren’s call of temptation that is Pantibar:


Facebook comment: "Presumably he means like a lighthouse to prevent sailors from being lured to their doom"




While others still doubt the intentions of David Quinn who’s attitude toward marriage equality last year left a sour taste in many LGBT people’s mouths:


Facebook comment: "He must be up to something. He only says nice things when he's up to something..."




Previously Panti took to social media to protest DCC’s decision: “There is nothing cheap or thoughtless about any of Pantibar’s visual communication. I love good design, I love Capel Street. I love Dublin (and wish it weren’t blighted by cheap signage that adds nothing to the cityscape). And I fucking LOVE our beautiful sign.”


Here’s the sign compared to a billboard directly opposite Pantibar:


The Pantibar sign compared to the billboard opposite the bar










Panti Bliss, aka Rory O’Neill, is due to appear before the DCC to appeal the decision to take down the sign. The DCC maintain that proper planning permission to erect the LED illuminated Pantibar sign was not granted, and as such the sign is in violation of planning codes.

We’re rooting for you Panti, we’re all rooting for you, even David Quinn!


Tyra Sanchez We were all rooting for you gif


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