Amuse Bouche - Giuseppe Crupi Of Pinocchio Restaurant And The Italian School Of Cooking

Pinocchio restaurant in temple bar on the left, Giuseppe Crupi from Pinocchio and the Italian School of Cooking

We asked Giuseppe Crupi from Pinocchio Restaurant and the Italian School of Cooking a few questions


For the Pride Issue of GCN, we asked Giuseppe Crupi, the Managing Director of Pinocchio Restaurant and the Italian School of Cooking some questions.

What is the gayest thing about your restaurant?

Italians make family around the table wherever they go and we invented the concept of modern family.

Who is your ideal party of five, living or dead?

Senator David Norris, Linda Martin, Pellegrino Artusi (the first man who ever put together all the Italian regional recipes in one book), Bosco, and Zia Giovanna (my auntie, who is able to feed the universe effortlessly).

What is your favourite place to eat, other than your own, in Dublin?

My friend’s house. One of my favourite meals ever was a dish of salty fried pasta in the middle of the night.

If you weren’t a restauranteur what would you be doing?

I’m a trained engineer.

What/Who or Where is rocking your world in restaurants right now?

The owners of the Flavour of Italy Group are from Molise and I discovered so many dishes typical of this tiny little gem.

What does the future hold for dining?

I expect dining to become more and more an international experience, where recipes from all over the world meet to celebrate local.


Pinocchio and the Italian School of Cooking are located on 1 Pudding Row, Essex Street West, Temple Bar, (01) 671 9524



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