PICS: Adele Joins Bette Midler For Dinner


Divas unite! Adele has had a break from the limelight as of late since becoming a mum… but if Bette Midler asks you to dinner, you sure can’t say no!


The match made in diva heaven stepped out to one of central London’s finest Michelin-starred restaurants, Locanda Localetti. The pair were spotted leaving the restaurant together, embracing, before going their separate ways.

Restaurant goers reported that both stars shared an intimate dinner, and laughed and joked in a sisterly manner before leaving the venue just before midnight. It makes sense that the ladies, both icons in their own right, would share a dinner. They must have a lot to talk about, having collectively sold hundreds of millions of records worldwide. We can only hope that there is in fact a Hocus Pocus sequel in the works, and that Adele has signed on as the fourth Sanderson sister. Ah, one can dream…

Unfortunately, Bette killed the dreams of devout Hocus Pocus fans by quashing the rumours of a sequel in an interview with GCN this month.





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