Piers Morgan slammed online for mocking trans and non-binary identities

Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan is again facing backlash following several comments on “the ridiculous notion of 100 genders”.

Piers Morgan and Benjamin Butterworth on Good Morning Britain

A petition calling for Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan to be fired from the popular talk show following his “dehumanising” commentary on trans and non-binary identities has garnered over 17,000 signatures.

Morgan responded, calling the claims unfounded and unfair and went onto Twitter to clarify that he does support transgender people who “transition” but does not agree with “the ridiculous notion of 100 genders”.

Yesterday, Monday, October 14, Good Morning Britain created their own poll on their official Twitter account asking their followers whether or not Piers should stay or go. The poll which was one of the largest polls in the show’s history, 58% voted for Piers Morgan to leave the show. 

Today, Tuesday, October 15, Piers dismissed the results of the poll claiming that it had been “hijacked by snowflakes” as he appeared on the talk show alongside gay journalist Benjamin Butterworth and trans journalist India Willoughby. Benjamin challenged Piers on his beliefs that the existence of non-binary and genderfluid people was both “ridiculous” and “dangerous” with Willoughby siding with Piers.

In a 16 minute slot on today’s show, Piers Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid were joined by both Benjamin and India to discuss the notion of 100 genders. Benjamin, who had signed the petition to remove Piers from the show slammed the host for his use of trans people’s lives and experiences as a joke or form of entertainment for his gain, stating; “The way Piers talks about trans people and specifically non-binary people is that you mock them. You make fun of them; you use them for entertainment, you use the lives of real people in this country – a vulnerable minority – as something to make fun of and get a reaction.”

Piers mockingly questioned Benjamin, that if there were so many different genders to identify with, then why wasn’t he entitled to “identify as a ‘two-spirit penguin’.” Piers insisted that, under Benjamin’s thinking, the  LGBT+ community should “respect” his “right” to identify whichever way he chooses.

Benjamin rebutted saying “ being a penguin isn’t a gender” as it is not on the gender spectrum and that this was a discussion about trans identities and “not an episode of Animal Planet.” He went on to say that Piers’ mocking of trans and non-binary people could be extremely damaging to young people watching the show unsure of their gender identity.

Morgan asserted his position as an LGBT+ ally citing his challenging of homophobic and anti-trans guests in the past. However, Benjamin pointed out that “not hating gay people isn’t a great achievement.”

However, where benjamin berated Piers for the harsh things he had to say about non-binary and genderfluid identities, India came to his defence, calling him a “beacon of light.” She went on to say that most binary trans people who choose to medical transition, or as she says “transitioners”, are also in support Piers’ views.  

Willoughby explained that she no longer identifies as transgender as she says it’s become “so embarrassing” claiming that it was those identifying with titles such as genderfluid that were making a “mockery” of trans identity. 


Before the segment ended, Piers attempted to consolidate his fearful stance on non-binary gender identities within the viewership, citing the possible removal of gender categories in the Brit Awards saying “women will suffer they will win less awards”.  Benjamin tried to argue that this is more of a reflection of a misogynistic society than anything else but was abruptly cut off. 

Despite petitions and polls alike, it appears that Piers Morgan is set to keep his position on Good Morning Britain for the time being. 

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