7 entertaining queer Irish streamers you should follow on Twitch

If you're searching for some LGBTQ+ Irish representation, look no further! This list has got you covered.

Three Irish streamers are featured, from left to right is Psyche, Nikkie Stones and CakeJumper. They are all smiling and expressing themselves.
Image: Left to Right: Psyche, Nikkie Stones, Cakejumper

Streaming has become increasingly popular as people opt in for a relaxing and comfortable live entertainment option, with the added bonus of being able to talk to content creators and other viewers in real-time. Therefore, it’s no surprise that there are more Irish people taking to platforms such as Twitch and YouTube to launch their own careers as streamers. Although gaming is the more common theme of streams, there are also a handful of creators that choose to do a variety of content, from baking to general chit chat. Looking for a new channel to follow? Here is our list of LGBTQ+ Irish gaming streamers creating unique content!

Nikkie Stones

Nikkie is a non-binary drag queen that has set many milestones in Irish Twitch history. They became the first Irish drag partner for Twitch in August 2022 and were the winner of Hover’s Next Top Streamer in April 2022. Nikkie provides in and out of drag content on Twitch, ranging from playing video games to chatting with their audience and dyeing their hair on camera.

Aine Vixen

As a self-proclaimed “raging bisexual”, Aine is actively creating a warm and welcoming safe space for her fan base on Twitch. She entertains her viewers by being a variety streamer, yet focuses primarily on Nintendo games. At the time of writing, she has been playing Valorant on her streams.


Psyche is a full-time variety streamer from Northern Ireland but has previous experience working in the gaming industry. Being honest about having “too many cats” and being a “chaotic bisexual”, she regularly streams games such as Elite Dangerous and Phasmophobia.

Dona Tarte

Known as the “queen of baking” on Twitch, Dona is an Irish drag artist that is based in London, UK. She proudly co-hosted the first TwitchCon Drag Showcase in Amsterdam alongside Nikkie Stones this year and often hosts Bake Off events live on Twitch that raise money for charity. Her content is considered to be varied, with Dona playing horror and indie games on her streams as well as baking and sharing recipes. If you want to read more about Dona, check out our article on how baking helped her find her tribe online.

Casey Explosion

Casey stands out from the rest of the Irish streamers on the list with her VTuber persona of a sloth that is featured in each stream. She strives to create a “chill, relaxed atmosphere and welcoming community” and entertains viewers by playing games that are indie or mid-tier. At the time of writing, she is streaming content of her playing through Prodeus. Their twitch page can be found here!


Úna-Minh is a brilliant gaming streamer that is actively trying to revive the Irish language. She regularly hosts streams on Sundays where she speaks Irish and encourages her fans to interact with her as Gaeilge. Úna-Minh also has a large collection of resources for people who want to start learning the language or for those who want to improve on their abilities. You can catch her streaming on Thursdays and Sundays where she plays games such as Apex Legends and Stardew Valley.


Josephine, better known as Cakejumper, is very popular for her baking streams. Often equipped with her big plush shark companion, she enjoys guiding her viewers through various baking recipes in her Irish kitchen and occasionally playing games such as Animal Crossing. She says her streams are like a little party as “everyone gets together to have a nice time and a laugh and be silly.”

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