51 Best Queer Memes And Tweets Of 2018

The internet is a wonderful place. And let's face it, us queers just do it better than anyone.

Miss Vanjie, who was one of the most popular memes and tweets of 2018

Memes are a magical result of the internet and social media, and 20-gay-teen was jam-packed full of priceless tweets, memes and posts by queer people for queer people.

Some were painfully relatable…

Like, really relatable.

And if this isn’t the true struggle of gay dating, I don’t know what is.

Sometimes the gay stans are super predictable… but in the best way.

And this tweet perfectly sums up the frustration we go through every festive season.

Honestly, we are pretty upset this didn’t happen.

I feel attacked by this meme, but it’s kind of true.

gay meme from tumblr

Katy really desperately wants to snatch our culture. Chime down hunny. remember that whole wig mess?

Katy Perry Ms Vanjie Meme

And the ‘Gay Fear’ meme made us love JVN and gay culture in general even more.

Honestly, same.

When people call you a snowflake for getting offended at their blatant homophobia, sexism and racism.

This is the gospel truth.

An accurate prediction for us sashaying into 2019:

And honestly, it’s really easy…


In fairness, we have the best music taste ever.

And we stan our queen Ariana.

Honestly, bring on the apocalypse if this is the case.


Okay, Gaga and Ariana can share the title of queen.


And they call us the snowflakes…

Yeah, we are the ones forcing our sexuality onto children.

Yep, we’re definitely the ones causing the confusion here.

gay meme

Honestly, we have been surrounded by straight people our whole lives, and still turn out super queer.

Uhm, excuse me. I am not here for this.

And when the Pope came to visit, the memes just got better.

And the straights didn’t even go after complaining for so long that they didn’t have a straight pride. Ugh.


The struggle is real.


The closet knew all of our secrets.

The internet really is our safe space.

Like seriously.

But although we love the internet, we still get shit here too.

In 2018, we looked back at a historic moment.

Men, get your act together and tell your friends they’re stunning.

We didn’t come here for all this straight culture.

And we just need to take a moment to remember that this actually happened and it wasn’t just some crazy dream we had.

And we do not come here to play games.

We gave queer icon Carly Rae Jepsen the tweets she deserved this year.

It’s what she deserves.

When you know it’s serious.

And in 2018, tweets got thirsty…

And obviously, we have to talk about that moment in 2018 when Celine Dion basically put an end to gender forever.

And lest we forget the ICONIC era of Miss Vanjie…

… which gave us some of the most enjoyable memes of all time.

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