Question In Irish Textbook Shows Small But Powerful Gesture

Paul Ryder posted a photo of the math problem found in an Irish textbook on Twitter and it's given everyone the warm fuzzies.

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The LGBT+ community has been working to normalise conversations about sexuality. So when a mock exam question in an Irish textbook posed a question which included a reference to a same-sex couple, social media were struck by the small but powerful gesture.

Paul Ryder tweeted the picture of the question saying: “Friend of mine is a teacher and just sent this to our WhatsApp group saying she’d never seen anything like it before.”

The question reads:

“Craig buys his boyfriend a birthday present that costs €215.65 including VAT @ 13.5 per cent. What was the original bill before VAT was added?”

Just a simple question about a guy buying a birthday present for his boyfriend.

Many on Twitter found the detail a subtle but sweet gesture that may seem small but as Paul’s friend pointed out it is the first time she has seen it in a textbook.

One twitter user replied aying that it shows progress towards unpicking “the heteronormative programming that our kids are subjected to on a daily basis.”

Another replied saying that it is things like this that can really help kids come to terms with who they are:

“The littlest of things like these can help kids that are coming to terms with who they are. It would’ve definitely helped me to more normal in my teen years when I was realising who I am & coming out & dealing with all of the things that come with that process.”

Some replied saying their kids wouldn’t bat an eyelid at seeing this in a test and that kids are much more aware of LGBT+ people and more of this kind of thing will help.

And although most truly appreciated the gesture some found the most intruiging part what did Craig actually buy his boyfriend?

Twitter concensus seems to be something along the lines of a really nice watch.

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