‘Right In Front Of My Salad?’ Adult Film Gets Hilarious Sequel (NSFW)

Nikki V. really can't seem to be able to enjoy her salads in peace.

Close-up of a shirtless guy while Nikki V. looking shocked in the background

“Not again!”

If you have been online in the past couple of months you might have come across the meme “Right in front of my salad?” The meme has since become a mantra for anyone facing an outrageous situation.

For those who are not familiar with it, the hashtag that was trending for few weeks originated from a gay porn where a wife discovers her husband having sex with a chef who cooks naked.

The iconic scene stars actress Nikki V. enjoying her salad, when she suddenly realises her husband and the chef are having sex on the other side of the kitchen counter. Her flustered reaction was priceless: “Are you guys f*cking? Are you serious?! Right in front of my salad?!”

Because that is obviously what anyone would scream if they caught their husband having sex in front of them.

The scene is part of a Men.com film called ‘Private Lesson Part 3’ and features adult stars Jaxton Wheeler (the husband) and Jake Porter (the chef).

You can watch the hilarious clip here. Warning: it’s extremely NSFW.

Twitter and Tumblr users seemed to be confused at first when #rightinfrontofmysalad began to trend.

This led to some hilarious reactions from people finding out out where the trend had originated:


But, as the confusion dissipated, the memes started pouring in and they were so so good:




The whole thing was such a success that Men.com decided to bring the idea and cast back for a sequel.

In the new scene we see Nikki’s husband inviting a hunky masseur over, while Nikki is preparing her meal – you guessed it, a salad – in the next room.

Things escalate pretty quick between the husband and the masseur and they start going at it.

Nikki walks past the room but when she realised what’s going on she goes back, drops her bowl on the floor and screams ‘Babe! Right in front of my f*cking salad? Not again!’

You can watch the (NSFW) trailer of the film everyone has been waiting for here.

And of course we cannot wait for the internet to react to this new scene with more memes. Keep them coming!!!

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