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Robert O’Connor digs deep with the big daddy of the major studio porn films, Brad Kalvo and despite some resistance, gets the lowdown on creepy impersonators, being a practicing pianist, the advent of the ‘spornosexual’, and curing Aids.


What’s up Brad! Your twitter page describes you as ‘The Real Brad Kalvo’ – have you had impostors? Would that be flattering, or just annoying?

I’ve had few on Facebook and twitter and yes,  it’s truly annoying. If someone wants to describe themselves as the fan of Brad Kalvo etc., that’s cool and flattering but using my pictures and pretending to be me is creepy and gross. People have tried to contact me for serious matters and bookings and gone to the wrong profile – this has obviously cost them, and me, opportunities!


How did you arrive at the decision to do what you do today – are you an exhibitionist or is ‘Brad Kalvo’ an alter-ego of sorts?

I have an exhibitionistic disposition and having a camera and crew partially focused on me is extremely provocative to me. Brad Kalvo is an alter-ego to an extent, in as much as I may do things for the camera I otherwise am not drawn to. It’s been a vehicle or a tool for overcoming limitations and pressing boundaries. 


Watersport: Brad enjoys downtime in Beverley Hills


Talk me through the preparations for shooting a scene – both mental and physical.

Frankly. I don’t prepare much, as I don’t bottom. I mainly shower and shave and go to the shoot. I have arrived, literally done a shoot in one city, flown five hours, got off the plane, took a car then walked on set and started filming another shoot, not missing a beat.


The man who coined the term ‘metrosexual’ has said that it’s now about the ‘spornosexual’ – a guy who is influenced by the men of sport and porn. Do you consider yourself an influence to these guys, or are you more of a retrosexual? I don’t imagine you drinking Slimline gin and tonics and shaving your legs…

I would say perhaps I’m a partial inspiration. I would describe myself as a blend of all the metro, sporno and retrosexuals, as I have some elements of all three. And no, I don’t drink as a rule!


Bareback porn is becoming increasingly popular, while HIV is on the rise again – is the gay porn industry becoming a more dangerous place? What about the use of Truvada PrEP as prevention?

While I don’t promote safer sex, no sex or bareback sex, I believe it’s best left to individuals and to be as informed as possible. While I strongly support the availability of Truvada PrEP and other PrEP-like drugs coming onto the market, I also worry about the risk of just treating and preventing. It’s obviously most important, but losing sight of the search for a cure in the aggregate of it all concerns me greatly. That being said, more studios than ever are testing. I get tested regularly, not less than every six weeks. Many still use condoms and many performers have been on PrEP for a while now. Frankly I’m more concerned about Hepatitis, which far too many people rely on the vaccine for, not realising it often quits working and you need to get tested to verify it took and or is still working. I’ve had friends go chronic with Hepatitis B and C.


Hairy Situation: Brad Rowe with much-hyped co-star Mike Dozer, who is awaiting trial.

I have to ask you about Mike Dozer – he was arguably the new gay porn star everyone wanted a piece of last year, until a legal case over an underage date that’s becoming more complicated and conflicted by the day put him behind bars. His case is coming up this month. You worked with him, what’s your stance?

There’s a lot more than meets the eye but until I have more data from all sides I decline to comment, other than say he’s my friend and I support him. Be aware several of the Peace Officers involved have their own legal issues in part from that, but also from unrelated cases. It’s a mess and very sad for all.


As a porn star, you don’t get to hide much about yourself – tell us something we don’t already know about you.

I play guitar and piano to relax!


In your career so far, who has supported you the most, and who has given you the most hassle for your professional choices?

Many people have been supportive in the industry; contrary to stereotypes many of the people are very good people from the top down, but it can be a bit clique-y. I stay away from that and the porn drama. I won’t elaborate. I can’t say anyone has been a hassle though.


Tight-Lipped: Brad gets his privates out for a living but when it comes to his private life, it’s off-limits

From a man on the inside of porn, who do you think will be the breakout gay male porn star of 2014?

Oh, I don’t want to step on my friend’s toes.


Porn is crossing over to mainstream television with reality shows like ‘Men of the Strip’ and the upcoming ‘Broke Straight Boys’ show. Would you consider becoming involved in reality TV if you were asked?

Sure, if I wasn’t asked to play something I had a moral objection to. I mean it would have to be true to my values and who I am.


Who’s on your celebrity To-Do list?

Can’t tell you.


You live in Beverley Hills. Are you still interested in that lifestyle of going to circuit parties and all of the events that come with being an in-demand porn star?

Sometimes it’s fun, but I can wade in and out of it. I get wary of too much drama without a purpose. If it’s for a good cause and a good time I’ll participate if asked.


What happens when the demand is no longer there and the phone stops ringing?

I have other options – I’m discreet and private and won’t discuss them here though.

Visit Brad Kalvo’s official website, or follow him on Twitter.

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