Róisín Murphy: New Music Video For 'Ten Miles High' Released

Rosen Murphy New Music Video still, featuring kaleidoscope effect in London underground.

Released earlier today the Róisín Murphy new music video for track ‘Ten Miles High’ features twerking and trippy visuals.

Róisín Murphy has just released a new music video for ‘Ten Miles High’, the first official single on her new album ‘Take Her Up To Monto’. The music video is visually striking, with a mirrored, kaleidoscope effect making for some trippy visuals of London, where disembodied Roisíns float along in space.

The song has a pop feel with Róisín admitting that “was scared of ‘Ten Miles High’ when I wrote it because it seemed to be really ‘Pop’, and I was afraid it wouldn’t fit in on the record. But I got over myself”.Directed by, styled by and starring Roisín Murphy New music Video Ten Miles high  is set in london

The music video is directed by, styled by and stars Róisín Murphy and was shot through empty car parks, London’s rail network, and construction sites around the metropolitan city.

Murphy is confirmed to be playing at Irish summer festival Longitude in July, and will be the first artist ever to headline at London’s Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Festival on August 15th.

The song ‘Ten Miles High’ is reminiscent of ‘Overpowered’ with it’s pop feel and is sure to join the album’s lead track ‘Mastermind’ which met universal acclaim with.

“Róisín Murphy is seemingly incapable of producing music that is anything less than excellent,” said Wonderland.

Have a look below at the Róisín Murphy new music video below.



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