RuPaul's Drag Race Star Reveals Eight Republicans Paid Him For Sex

Willam appeared on Katya's podcast and revealed he had sex with eight Republicans at the Republican National Convention when he was 17.

RuPauls drag race star Willam Belli

While appearing on Katya’s podcast ‘Whimsically Volatile‘ Willam Belli revealed that one of his most profitable days as an escort was when he attended the Republican’s National Convention.

Katya aka Brian McCook asked Willam to spill the tee and “regale us with a tall tale from your whoredom”.

Belli went on to share, “Republican National Convention, year 2000, Philadelphia. I sucked eight dicks in one day. Two of them in the same hotel.”

He said that he used to work for Premier which was an escort service before the internet took over.


The season 4 Drag Race contestant said “it was just a fun period for me from 17-18 where I was a hooker.”

He got $120 per client and got to keep $85.

Katya also reminisced about his hooking days.

“I was downstairs at Jocks Caberet entertaining. This guy was in the back and said “hey hunny I’ll give you a 20 for a back massage.”

Katya said they then went to his apartment where the man offered $120 for a half an hour massage and a half an hour blow job.”

“It was just the most delightful first hooking experience ever, it was lovely.”

They then talked about a threesome they had backstage at a show in Denver with a Drag Race fan.

Listen to the episode here:


McCook revealed that he went to rehab after announcing that he was taking a break from drag.

He said that he relapsed in Australia last year after All-Stars 2.

Suffering a “complete total psychotic break from reality”, he continued to do meth and confirmed he was detained by police earlier this year.

Landlords asked him to leave his Los Angeles home after complaints that he was being a disturbance.

He had a “significant cardiac event” at home brought on by “Wendy Williams level” exhaustion (when you work so much you pass out on the job).

“I couldn’t tell what was real or not real,” he said, saying he suffered from hallucinations.

He said he hit rock bottom when someone very close to home almost put a restraining order against him.

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